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Rob Barnett
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I have been using Quicken Personal for many years (+10) to record personal finances, etc and also to manage my super fund (SMSF). My kids have now joined the fund so I want to separate the super fund bank accounts & investments into their own file. I thought that the easiest way to do this and preserve the transaction history would be to copy & rename the existing files & then delete all of the non-SMSF accounts.
If this makes sense is it only the QDF file that needs to be copied & renamed or do I also have to copy & rename the supplementary files as well?
Many thanks & best regards, Rob


  • GerryWinter
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    Sound good, i would just rename the file complete.

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  • Rob Barnett
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    Hi Dave,
    Thanks for your kind offer. For some reason your email address is bouncing back as unknown.
    Best regards, Rob
  • David M
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    Hi Rob

    Key question you need to ask yourself is
    *1 - do you just want to report separately, or
    *2 - do you want to provide access to the files to your kids, without them having visibility of your personal accounts?
    If the former - you do not need to do anything to your files, because all you need to do manage the reporting parameters.
    If the latter. copy the complete file with a new name, and update the personal accounts in one, and the SMSF in the other. All unconnected accounts can be deleted in each file.
    Good luck

  • Rob Barnett
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    Hi Guys,
    Thanks for all your assistance. I have now completed the process & it has worked a treat.
    Best regards, Rob