One Step Update hasn't worked for over 2 months

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My Ilicence to Home & Business was renewed in November and have been unable to update my Australian shares and currency since then.  I rang customer service this morning and was told there is no support available for this product.  Can somebody at Reckon please tell me how under Australian consumer laws, your company can get away with making such statements?  I have been using the PP range for well over 20 years and as I have have said on this Forum many times, it is the worst piece of software I have ever used.  If there was any alternative I, and I am sure very many others wouldn't be using your product and as you are well aware that people have no choice, think you can get away with your attitude. The interface has not changed since I was using it on Windows 95 so how it works at all on 10 (when it is not crashing) is a miracle.

Although it clearly says I am using Home & Business 2020, when I updated, I got the attached message.  I got another message saying that I had to upgrade to H & B.  The only way I could continue was to opt to use the 60 day trial otherwise it would revert to PP and I would not be able to access my data file in that program.  My licence clearly says that it is valid until 5/11/2020 and I paid for H & B.  I have no idea if after 60 days, I will get the same message again.

Can somebody at Reckon please look into my problems as  part of the $230 I pay for this program each year is for stock price updates.


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    Fellow PP user here, your issue isn't a technical one, it's related to whatever mess you've made in relation to your H&B or Personal Plus licence. Call their customer service and they'll fix it. They've done it for me ok numerous occasions. As an aside, what do you expect your antagonistic soapbox ranting here will accomplish? You're a long term personal user like myself, so you're under no illusion that there's no live tech support for this program unless you pay for it. Your comments around it being the worst thing ever make it sound as if it's an essential item that your existence is dependent on.. it's not.