Restoting Historical Share Price Data

Brian Watson
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When I try to restore my  Personal Plus 2020 data file from my external hard disk I lose all the historical share price data. Help - how do I restore this?


  • John Campbell
    John Campbell Member Posts: 198 ✭✭
    edited April 2020

    There are many posts on this topic. The most likely reason you are getting this problem is you are trying to restore from a xxxxx.qdf file only, instead of the full set of files that comprise a backup set.
    The historical prices are in a xxxxx.qph file, which appears to be missing.

    You need to restore from a directory that contains up to 7 files, possibly including:

    There may be others, depending on what you use QPP for.

    These files may be stored in a single qdata.rkn, which is basically a file. (you could extract these files to a directory and try again)

    Find out why you have only a qdata.qdf file in the restore directory.