my stp automatically numbers for json file have dissapeared

margaretmargaret Member Posts: 39
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My automatically numbers when i process Single touch payroll no longer come up any more? how to i fix this? i have attached my issue image


  • BruceBruce Member Posts: 260 ✭✭
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    A couple of suggestions
    1. are you looking in the correct folder (I keep all my json files in a separate folder)
    2. try sorting by date modified order
    Please do not think I am being rude, it is just that when I run into a problem I often find that the most obvious and basic solutions prove to be the answer.
  • Linda BenfieldLinda Benfield Member Posts: 77
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    Hi Margaret, 

    Just type straight over the top of what is highlighted blue.

    eg 29.04.2020

    and the name will save. For some reason it only auto fills the first one of the day...

  • BruceBruce Member Posts: 260 ✭✭
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    Sorry Margaret, I've just read Linda's response and realised that I mis-read your question, so please ignore my response
  • margaretmargaret Member Posts: 39
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    no problems
  • margaretmargaret Member Posts: 39
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    ok thanks
  • Linda ABCLinda ABC Member Posts: 1,171 ✭✭
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    as you go searching your file structure for where you want to save the json file - it loses what it wants to call it (usually if you click in the wrong place while looking) - if you want all your files to have the consistent naming stucture - what I do when this happens to me is - once I lose it - take note of where I want to save the file... then cancel the saving - go back and click lodge again - it will pick up the naming structure again - then carefully navigate to the folder you want to save in without click in the file name.. and then save... should be ok then.
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