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I have struck an unusual problem with Home & Business 2020 recently.  I reconcile my credit card accounts every month and they have always balanced in the past.  Over the last couple of months, 2 of my accounts didn't balance and put the missing balance in Find with no results which obviously meant it was not from one transaction. I went back through my transactions and eventually found them all, one going back 2 years.  They must have been entered because when I put the payee in, it came up with the exact transaction in the search box, but it came up with no record in any accounts.  These transcactions were from more than one payee and I have done nothing to make them suddenly disappear. 


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    I am using PP 2020, but have had some strange things happen this year, especially with scheduled transactins and date fields.  I am beginning to wonder if there is a bug in the 2020 editions of some of these programs, but, so far, have been unable to pin down any repeating problem with enough information to take the matter further.  I suggest you backup and then validate your current file.  Beyond that, I do not have any answers.  Sorry.  Reckon need to step up here.
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    I have not seen these issues but if you want some help or more discussions call me on 0418907140

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