The given value of type String from the data source cannot be converted to type decimal of the speci

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Having troubles importing my item list. The above message keeps on coming up. I have reformatted  the  cost items with lo luck. Getting  very frustrated with this and the lack of support for the issue.   Im trying to upload to Reckon Cloud POS


  • Linda ABC
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    Hi Malcolm - I am no expert in Cloud POS - have not tried to import items before - but have you checked out the help files?

    String types mean text... decimal types are numbers... so the error sounds like you are trying to import text characters into a field that is expecting numbers only?

    Did you download the template provided by Cloud POS first and then enter data... any pricing etc - should not have $ signs - should just be numbers?

    if you want to email me the list you are trying to import - I am happy to have a quick look?  Send to [email protected] 
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    Linda your a star if I had only seen that help file from the outset this would have been done weeks ago. Thank you very much