There is a serious fault in the Reckon One Payment Summary Annual Report

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I wonder how many others may be affected by this and don't know.

I generated my Payment Summary Annual Reports at the end of 2018-19 (the empdupe report) and sent to the ATO. Not until I recently received a very unfriendly communication from the ATO did I realise that the empdupe report did not match the INB payment summaries that I also generated from Reckon one.

At first I thought I had done something wrong but I have now deleted all of these and recreated them and the problem is still there. After extensive manual checking I can confirm that:
  • The Payment Summary report from reports centre is correct
  • The INB payment summaries match the payment summary report, also correct
  • The Payment Summary annual report is different
I didn't bother to check the annual report before submitting the empdupe report, just assuming it would be correct.

Have you checked yours?


  • Jack_10614728
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    I have an update on this. Reckon support sent a revised empdupe file to me to lodge. There is no fix to the software, no explanation of the cause of the problem, and I still cannot generate a correct file using the Reckon sofware to validate the contents of the empdupe file I was sent. It appears someone has just edited the original file to avoid providing any actual support.

    And to make things worse, the ATO have rejected the revised file as having an invalid format.
  • Jack_10614728
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    Another update. As the current financial year is drawing to a close I decided to check this early and ... same problem. The payment summary annual report is wrong. Makes you wonder how many other reports going to the ATO are also wrong.

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    I have the same problem how do we fix this issue?
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    I don’t even know how you can manage to lodge it, I watched the finalisation video and there is no mention of it. I have created it but cannot see a ‘lodge’ button