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Don MacMillan
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I have Reckon Home & business - new computer - installed Reckon 2020 program and accessed the files I had backed up - works fine until I try and backup - get a message saying Unable to open source file - I went to the reckon help site and entred the error code 3078 and followed the instructions - twice - still have the same prob


  • GerryWinter
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    I will take a look if you wish.
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  • Brad Read
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    Hi Don.  I recently upgraded to a new PC with Windows 10 from Windows 7.  Reckon PP 2020 gave me a similar error messge after backing up.  It turns out that, in W10, the long path name created by W10 ,  i.e. C:\Users\bgr23\Dropbox\My PC (LAPTOP-QJAJQNJO)\Documents,  for the Documents folder is NOT compatable with what the Reckon Program is expecting, hence the error messges.  I overcame the issue by creating a folder in the root directory, C:, called Quicken, i.e. C:\Quicken and then saving my files from Personal Plus in there.  Works fine now.