Payroll wages reconciliation

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Ran a payroll run but paid the incorrect amount so paid the employee for the difference.  I cant reconcile the two amounts against the payroll run now?!  

I rang Reckon and they said to re run the payroll run, problem with this is that it would probably change the super totals and STP has been lodged. 

I jumped onto a reckon facebook page and they advised to create a clearing account, which is well and good.  I did this and transferred the amounts over but now I need to reconcile the clearing account and I am unsure how?  It has two payments put to it and nothing to match?

Help would be really appreciated, I am self taught with all of he reckon functions and I swear I paid correctly then find the error :(

Thank you!!!  <3


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    I also noticed the payroll run in the other bank account is sitting as being unreconciled?!  I tried to change the bank account to the clearing account but apparently you cant do this?  I also tried to partially pay the payroll run here by changing hte amount paid and you cant partially pay a payroll item. :(
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    ok - so i figured out I can change the amount of the payroll run to match what was paid!  

    Processed a mirror entry but for the amended amount we short paid by.  Everything reconciles.  

    No need for the clearing account.

    I hope thats correct.
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    Hi Kristen

    To make your bank account correct and reconcile your other clearing account, try this.

    You will have in your bank account to reconcile both the payroll transactions and the actual amounts that you have paid to your employees. So you actually have a double up in your bank account.

    1.Go into each of the payroll transactions which are showing in your bank account and change the bank account to your clearing account.
    2.Then when you see the transactions on the bank account that were actually paid to your employees transfer these to your clearing account.
    Your clearing account will now be nil and your bank will reconcile.

    Hope this helps