Problem with APP20 on a new computer

Leon_6849533 Member Posts: 7
I reinstalled APP20 on a new computer and restored a backup file but I now notice that transactions in the Security Detail view stop at 2016 for all investments. That was when I transferred my investments to a new account.
In that account I can see the transactions from 2016 onwards but they don't show up in the details and all the calculations in the Investments tab are wrong.
I've done a Deep Validate but to no avail.
I welcome any ideas on how to fix this.


  • Brad Read
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    Leon, You say that you have reinstalled PP2020.  Have you put  it on a new machine or upgraded from a previous version of Windows to Windows 10.  PP2020 does not like some things that W10 does, but there is a work around if this is the case.  I would try Dave's advice above, if that works, fine, if not get back to us.  Regards, Brad
  • Leon_6849533
    Leon_6849533 Member Posts: 7
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    Thanks for your help Dave and Brad. I installed PP2020 on a new computer, found my previous files and opened it with the result as described. Copying the six files from an earlier backup hasn't made a difference.
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