status bank-gen addition from ANZ

Vicki Williams-Haynes
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Reckon One:
Hi I am trying to connect to a bank account for my general cheque account and visa card.  Although the bank account shows in the connect to bank account list it says next to each of these account:
Status Bank-Gen Addition.

Can someone please help me with what this means and what I need to do next to activate this account so I can attach to my bank accounts.
I have tried deleting from my ANZ bank feeds and re activated from my ANZ account.
I am not sure whether this is a ANZ bank problem or I am doing something wrong within Reckon One.
Any help or support on this would be really appreciated.


  • Julian1961
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    I've been having the same problem for weeks and nobody seems to be able to help me on the Reckon side. ANZ have been very good and have proven that there is no problem at their end. If this keeps going on for much longer, I may have to change accounting software!