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Rob Chapman
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I have Personal Plus 2020.  When I search for something eg security detail view, I get the finger hovering, and a rotating circle.  This can take several seconds, and is frutrating.  How can I eliminate this?  It always used to go straight to required info.
Thank you.


  • David M
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    Hi Rob
    The way you describe this, it appears to have been a sudden change.
    If that is so, did it coincide with moving the location of your RPP files, for example off the C drive and into the cloud?
    If not did you make some other change at that time, like upgrading your operating system?
    Either of these could be contributing.

  • John Norris
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    Only an opinion. But there is no way to delete old data. I think it doesn't cope with too many transactions. This issue is ongoing for many years.
  • GerryWinter
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    The location of your files is a very important, no way in the cloud, C: only

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