Bank feed doesnt appear in Bank Accounts

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Sorry, I am a real newbie to Reckon, and I'm struggling.. had the subscription all year and not understood it, and now the Annual Reports are due! Help!

I cant get off the ground.

I have two bank accounts with Bendigo linked on the Bank Connections tab, and got that far ages ago, but on the Bank Accounts page there are no balances showing still.

What is it that I have missed doing?


  • PerryMIlls
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    If it helps, I have the CoreMedium and BankData Medium subscription, and I'm using an IMac with Catalina 10.15.5.

  • PerryMIlls
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    And under Bank Fed Management the status is 'active'

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    Hi @PerryMIlls ,

    Does your bank account display under Banking>Bank Connections?

    Is it linked to an account? If it doesn't, please link it to the appropriate account and save.

    Do you see all your transactions for your bank account under Banking>Bank transaction.

    If you see your transactions under Bank transactions, it means you need to allocate receipt/payment/transfer for it to reflect in your reports.

    This video may be useful: BankData in Reckon One