Webhooks on Reckon One

brentonjj Member Posts: 4


The api explorer gives information that you have webhooks, but there is no information on what the parameters are, does anyone have informaiton on how to support this? I can't find any documentation in the API or samples in postman.


  • Ifti
    Ifti Reckon Staff Posts: 258 Reckon Staff

    Hi there,

    Webhooks are used for our Zapier integration and are generally reserved for our power users (Developer Partners with many attached users and long relationships with Reckon).

    However, although access to the Webhooks are on a case by case basis, and we are happy to share the documentation if you can provide us with more information on how you're going to use this by emailing [email protected]



  • PhuongDo
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    Hi Ifti,

    It's good to know. I haven't worked with Reckon One web hook yet but am interested to learn more about it as well. Can you please share the mentioned documentation? I do actually have some ideas in mind how to utilize it.



  • brentonjj
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    Thanks Ifti, email sent to you.

  • Ifti
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    @brentonjj : replied back to your email :)

    @phuong : I will email you the details.