Home & Business ASX share price updating

Hi Reckon Community

My first post to this service.

I first used Quicken in the early 90's when I brought it back from a business trip to the States. I must say it has served me well across the years, both professionally and personally, though somewhere along the way it has morphed into Home & Business 2019 and I'm about to upgrade to H&B 2020 with 2021 coming soon I'm told.

Being well and truly retired, I now only use it on a personal basis and that usage includes running two separate share portfolios within the same identity, They are both ASX only and have some common holdings, e.g. BHP and CBA.

And that is where I have my problem. When I do a price update, Folio A correctly reports the closing price but Folio B reports a different, usually lesser, closing price. I cannot identify any consistency in the variance from the correct closing price (and Folio A) in either absolute or percentage terms,

Have any of you had a similar experience? I've cheched the settings of each stock but they seem identical, so any suggestions as to the cause of phenomena would be most appreciated.


Ian R