How do I allocate payments from my business for personal use (drawings) in Reckon One?

End_the_Problem Member Posts: 1

I have a bank feed set up and I am currently in the Bank Transactions tab on Reckon One. Please explain step-by-step how to allocate the following (payment made by my business but the item is for personal use, not business use)

  1. Drawings (direct credit) from my business account to my personal bank account
  2. Item for personal use, paid as an eftpos transaction with business account

I want to allocate these as drawings but can't find how to do this in Reckon One. I have a tight deadline to meet so any help with this would be most appreciated.

Also, how do I allocate a payment that is part business, part personal use, such as home expenses?

Thanks in advance for your help.


  • nic_h
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    I have also been having trouble with this - someone suggested xero was much easier to use and allows for this