How to add Hire date to payslip

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Hi, I have Reckon Accounts Plus desktop and would like to add the Employee Hire Date to each payslip. This is so they understand when they started and that the leave entitlements correspond with their hire date not calendar or financial year. Does anyone know how to do this?

I've added a custom field for each employee hoping that becomes on the template list but nothing regarding either custom or hire date data fields to add to the payslip template. Please help.


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    Unfortunately, the custom Pay Slip templates don't have as much customisation ability as sales form templates so the only available options that can be added are as per the Data Field list.

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    You might like to consider two options which might work for you. You could add the Hire Date into say either of the Agreement or Classification fields in the employee's record. It would depend a bit on what other information you might be already inserting into those two fields, e,g, in the Agreement field you might want to include - Hire Date xx/xx/xx. That would of course mean that you are adding this info into two places within the employee record, but my suggestion, if it works, would get you the information that you are wanting onto the pay slip.

    John L G

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    Thank you Shaz and John for your comments. I had to make some changes to the Agreement field as I already had data, not ideal but all works for the end result.

    Thanks again