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Ive always had troubles with my suppliers receiving invoices. Ive told them to add the Reckon email to their safe senders, but no change.

Anyone else having this trouble?


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    Hi cafe_elmwood,

    Is there something in common between those suppliers that are able to successfully receive the invoices that you send them from Reckon One, compared to those that do have problems receiving the invoices?

    Are they receiving some but not all invoices?

    Do they check their junk mail have any ended up there?

    Have you confirmed that the supplier has actually added the Reckon email address to their safe senders list?

    For those that have added the Reckon email address to their safe sender list and still have problems receiving invoices, do they receive none of the invoices or perhaps receive some?

    Are these supplier able to receive an email that you directly send them using your own email software?

    For those suppliers that are not receiving the invoices from Reckon One, as a test, if you send the invoice from Reckon One to yourself, then re-send that email to your supplier (keeping the subject line the same) are they able to receive it?

    What email provider are they using?

    • Their Internet Service Provider company such as Bigpond, TPG, Internode, etc
    • Gmail / / Yahoo, or other web-based email service

    What email client software do they use?

    • is it their own ISP's email system accessed via a web browser
    • is it their own ISP's email system accessed via desktop software such as Outlook of Windows Mail
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    Thanks for the long response, no I have not asked every single supplier every one of these questions, nor do I have time to.

    We never had this trouble with our previous software.