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Tony Finn
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Hi all.

I am having a hard time understanding if I have setup the leave correctly.

I have only ever had a casual employee. Now I have change her to permanent part time and am trying to get the annual and personal leave set correctly.

The leave accrual image below is from the first pay run, and I am just wondering if it looks correct.

Have I used the correct "rate per period" for both Annual and Personal leave.

She did 23.25 hrs for the pay period. So are the actual accrual numbers correct.

Thank in advance



  • Graham Boast
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    Hi Tony

    Number are correct. The beauty of this method is that it works no matter how many hours are worked, full-time or part-time. It is especially good if the hours vary.

    You can check the calculation by multiplying the hours by the accrual rate. So 23.25 x 0.076940 = 1.78885 and 23.25 x 0.038330 = 0.89117

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  • Tony Finn
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    Thanks for the reply.

    Great to know I've got something right for once. 🤣