De listed Stock

Hi All,

Need some ideas.

I have a stock I was holding on the ASX in AU$ (PM8), it has been de listed on the ASX and is being transferred to the UK exchange.

What would be the best way to record this move in Personal Plus 2021?




  • Graham_10803610
    Graham_10803610 Member Posts: 10

    Hi Kevin

    Is its currency also changing? If not, I see no reason to move it.

    If the currency is changing, I'd set up a new share account in the new currency, then do a SELL from the old account, transfer the funds to the new account and do a BUY in the new account. This mucks up your capital gain calcs, so you'll need to remember that when you sell the stock.

    btw, come look for us on Facebook group "Reckon Accounts Personal Users Group". There a few power users over there that may also have answers for you.

  • Kevin_9915502
    Kevin_9915502 Member Posts: 23

    Hi Graham,

    Thanks, yes the stock is (was) dual listed, ASX & LSE. My holding will be transferred to the LSE.

    I will head over to FB now, thanks for the info.