Upgrade from Cashbook 2004 to Accounts Home & Business 2021


Hi, I've decided that cloud based is not for me so I would like to install the desktop version of Accounts Home & Business 2021 - I'm happy to pay the annual subscription but can anyone please help with the following?

  • what happens to all of my data if I cancel subscription in the future?
  • is there a full version that can be purchased outright?
  • are bank feeds possible?
  • I can't install the trial version because it's recognising the prior version and won't allow it..saying I have to uninstall Cashbook first.
  • Is it at all possible to save my data in Cashbook 2004 or will I have to start over?

Thank you so much for any advice! I'm not getting anywhere online!


  • GerryWinter
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