When you are working on it and updating Some figures it jumps around and you have to do again. it has

been doing this for 2-3 Months


  • GerryWinter
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    If you want to call me i can have a look.


    Gerhard Winter

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  • PollyPerkins
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    Thanks GERRY , i will ring you shortly

    Robin Steele-Perkins

  • PollyPerkins
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    I would like to say that your contact Mr Jerry Winter did a fantastic job in fixing my Reckon Program on my computer.

    I have had trouble with this program for 3-4 months.

    I have been in touch on a number of times with you company over that period and never did I get the support I think I should have got.

    I have used your product for approximately 12-15 years

    Once again Iwould like to thank JERRY WINTER for his expertise and service for fixing my Reckon Program


    Kindest Regards

    Robin Steele-Perkins

    Phone No- 0409844840