Changing administrator's first and last name

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Hi everyone,

My partner and I just started a business and are brand new to Reckon One. When signing up I have used my own name (Dylan) in conjunction with the business email address we use to log in. This might now cause us some troubles as the business bank account is in my partner's name (Katy), and when trying to connect a bank feed it pre-populates the document with my name instead of hers, and I am not tied to that bank account. I really only signed up to check things out as I was shopping around for software to use, but I've used our company email address so now I'm a bit stuck.

I can click 'edit user' on the admin account and enter Katy's name, but it still says 'Hi Dylan!' at the top left and it doesn't seem to actually change much of anything.

My question is this: am I able to change the first name and surname attached to the primary administrator login? I would like to keep using the same email address but change the name associated with it.

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    disrespectfultodirt Member Posts: 2

    Just to note, we only just started using the software today and have sent out one invoice. If completely wiping the account and starting again is the easiest way to go about things then it wouldn't be a huge problem for us. I presume support staff would need to get involved to do this?