Customer overpayment

Aaron Rennie
Aaron Rennie Member Posts: 8

One of our customers has overpaid. I have repaid them the overpayment at their request. How do I now allocate that payment to the credit showing on their statement?

I've done it before but for the life of me I cannot remember!

Thanks so much.


  • Kathyd
    Kathyd Member Posts: 93 ✭✭

    A customer paid us for another customer's load of wheat.

    Customer paid $35K into our Bank and provided a RCTI for same dollar value.

    I have processed the RCTI as and Invoice and allocated the funds accordingly

    Customer has now realised and requested $23K back which I have paid by cheque. Therefore we now only have the correct $12K

    How do I handle this without creating a Supplier Invoice as the Chart of Account will not appear as an Expense or can I allocate it against the Income Chart of account?

    Really appreciate your mentoring