Payroll entry showing as ‘processing’

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I have migrated from the Single Touch Payroll App to the Reckon Payroll App and have since entered another 10 pay runs. I’m now trying to complete the end of financial year and it will not allow me as I have a ‘processing’ pay run entry from the old Single Touch Payroll app which I cannot edit. What do I do?


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    I think the instruction from Reckon was to not start the migration until all Payruns in STP app were showing success. I suppose there may be some intervention required from Reckon support team to resolve your situation.

    It might be worthwhile in the meantime to check if the YTD summary in the Payroll App for the employee is showing what has been paid and is consistent with the Tax Statement for 2020-21 showing in the ATO Mygov portal. This will confirm whether that STP app generated Payrun (showing processing) went to ATO or not.

    I am guessing Reckon support team may need this information in order to suggest your next steps. Good luck.