Salary sacrifice super in payroll app

Embee Member Posts: 3

Hi I’m having trouble getting my first pay run done. One employee salary sacrifices super. I have put the fortnightly total package as the earnings to get the super guarantee correct as it has to 10% of the package these days not 10% of the actual wages paid but then the earnings is overstated for tax calculations. Any ideas? Thanks


  • Joseph Li
    Joseph Li Member Posts: 499 ✭✭

    Put above SG super contribution amount as a deduction. I remember this is how another payroll program does it.

  • Embee
    Embee Member Posts: 3

    Hi again and thanks. I have got it as a deduction but super guarantee then calculates incorrectly. So I have had to change the SGC rate to higher than 10% to force the amount to change and that’s not really correct.