EOFY summary errors

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Earlier in the year I did a double entry of a pay run because on checking on the status of the first one it had disappeared from my list. It later showed up but had Error alongside it. I tried doing an update of zero amounts to cancel out the error but it’s still showing up in the list as error, and the reason given is that the pay run had already been submitted. (The ‘error’ is showing on the first entry and not the second entry which is showing ‘done’.).

In mid June I moved over to the new Reckon App. When I request the EOFY summaries for 2020-2021, majority do not match up with my own conciliations and weekly pay run submissions. I also had this problem last year and spent a considerable amount of time mucking around with it to try rectify. The app was not very user friendly. I was hoping for a better experience this year with your new app but seems Its not as straight forward again. What’s happened, and can I change individual end of year payment figures? Very frustrating!


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    @Tlee In Payroll App you can select the Employee data edit function and modify the Initial YTD salary figures so that the EOFY Summary for 20/21 matches with what you want it to be. Also make sure you have checked what has been reported in Employee Income Statement for 20/21 in ATO Mygov portal for the relevant employees.

    In the help instructions at below link scroll down to the section on "Initial YTD"