Reckon Accounts Hosted - Problem with generated reports being downloaded /saved as PDF


I'm running into difficulties with saving / downloading PDF reports generated with Reckon Accounts Hosted. This started happening from couple of weeks ago. First I thought it's a Google Chrome problem, but later we found out that any other download from Google Chrome doesn't have any adverse effect on the system.

**Reports sent through emails or hard-copies printed out are not effected. Effect is only on PDF copies saved/downloaded which also freezes my all other Chrome functions.

Our Systems Admin had a look at it and mentioned that trying to download PDF reports take up more than 30% of CPU capacity which is very unusual. CPU usage suddenly spike when I press save as PDF.

Could Reckon software developer have a look at this issue and fix it please?




  • Kris_Williams
    Kris_Williams Member Posts: 3,250 Reckon Accounts Hosted Expert Reckon Accounts Hosted Expert

    I have no problems with Firefox, that’s all I ever use for Reckon

  • Sepalika Siriwardhana
    Sepalika Siriwardhana Member Posts: 4

    Thanks @Zappy I tried on MS Edge and working fine. I'll stick to Edge for Reckon.

    Wonder why the sudden problem though, as I always used Google Chrome and had no problem for all these years.

  • KPagura
    KPagura Member Posts: 5

    I have tried several browsers Firefox, Brave, Chrome Safari all have the same issue invoices disappearing on the ipad