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Trish Rollins
Trish Rollins Member Posts: 4
  • I am trying to create my TPAR report but after clicking reporting period 2020-2021 i get a message "Supplier name not specified."
  • I have never had a problem before creating this, until now. Please help?


  • Gabrielle Foodey
    Gabrielle Foodey Member Posts: 10 ✭✭

    Hi trish,

    There is an issue with rekcon but to generate the report make sure there is a name in both display and supplier name and remove any duplicate address, if business and postal address is the same remove the business address and delete shipping if it has auto-generated shipping address. This then should allow you to run the report. I am still having issues but I at least have a report to work with now.

  • Robyn_10040267
    Robyn_10040267 Member Posts: 44

    Hi Trish

    I had the same problem myself. I think this is what fixed it. If you go into the suppliers chart (listing all the names of your suppliers), you will see "Display name", "Organisation name", "Type", "ABN" etc. What I noticed was that some of the suppliers didn't have an organisation name entered (even though there was a display name). So I entered in "Organisation names" for the missing ones and that got rid of that error message.

    Now I am up to fixing up addresses, but at least I can run the TPAR report now.

    I hope that helps.

  • Trish Rollins
    Trish Rollins Member Posts: 4

    Thankyou…will try that and see how I go.