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I used the electronic TFN Declaration for the first time in July. I ticked the box in the employees file in Reckon and uploaded via STP, however the file status is still 'Pending' on STP whereas every subsequent file that I have uploaded has a status of 'Success'.

I'm not sure if I've done anything wrong or if I was supposed to do anything after submitting the file.

Can someone please help.




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    No, sometimes a submission can get "stuck" or not complete the process fully but as long as you have been submitting successfully since, that's fine. Once ticked, the TFN Declaration will continue to carry through automatically each submission so no further action is required 😁

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    It was possibly when the ATO was down, as long as you have submitted successfully since you don’t have to worry as the information would have been included in those.

    ‘this is what I do to check figures - I get a payroll totals report from Reckon Accounts that shows each person and the total. Then I go to STP and check the details against my payroll totals report. That way I can see that correct figures have all been imported to Gov Connect

  • Lynne_8946547
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    Thanks, I'll check my totals 🙂