Duplicate EOFY statements

As I migrated to the new Reckon Payroll , without realising an employee was archived , I created the employee again , and thinking i was submitting only 1 EOFY income statements, 2 income statements for an employee have been recorded with the ATO (same company), so when our employees login to the ATO online or MyGov they can all see 2 statements, one that is correct, and one incorrect. .. Is there a way to delete or remove the incorrect statement. ATO have suggested I try through the payroll provider .


  • Joseph Li
    Joseph Li Member Posts: 499 ✭✭

    I guess both income statements are ‘tax ready’. Employer is required to provide an employee with one ‘tax ready’ income statement. Income statement that is ‘not tax ready’ will be ignored for tax. An additional pay run would change status of income statement to ‘not tax ready’.