Can someone out there help an ol’ bugger through an easy question on Quickbooks Premere


I am still using Quickbooks Premier Edition 2010-2011. I know it is old (like me) and has no more company support, but I like it and I have simple needs running a very small one-man business, and it works just fine. Most importantly, I’m normally comfortable using it and I do not want to spend the time to deal with a learning curve of a new program.

I simply want to know how to remove certain individual income and expense account lines from a Profit & Loss report. I have done this many times at tax time in past years, but I just cannot seem to remember or see how to do it again this year. I recall a check list where I simply tick the accounts I want to include. I think it’s somewhere in the “modify report" tab, but I just cannot see it???  I am having a nasty senior moment… Please help.


  • Jan Byers
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    Modify report, filter, accounts, tick accounts you want to include