Report Error; Reckon Personal Plus 2021

I upgraded to Reckon Personal Plus 2021 in Feb 2021.

Then started to catch up on my personal account from Nov 2020.

Upgrade worked well and importing data from bank account etc all works well , my categories are all there.

Just finished getting all data in correct categories. But when I run the Income/Expense report or any report.

All income from Nov forward is missing and some expenses are missing as well. see extract below. How do I fix this report or is there an update. (noted I didn't find anything online regarding updates to software)


  • GerryWinter
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    How did you go and do you need help?

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  • Foile
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    Hi Gerry

    In the end I had to delete all my saved reports and set them up fresh. That has fixed the issue.

    Not sure as to why the original saved reports didn't take in all data, but the newly setup saved reports are working fine.

    Thanks for checking in.