Release date for Reckon Personal Plus 2022 is when?



I have been an active user of Quicken/Reckon software over the last 15 years. In March 2020 I upgraded to the Reckon Personal Plus 2020 version but was not informed that the 2021 version had been released last year but I only found out about the latest version a month ago.

Having dutifully paid for the yearly subscription fees ahead of the due dates, I am considering upgrading to the latest version. However what is the likely release date for the 2022 version?




  • GerryWinter
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    You have paid for it and it is there waiting for you so do it, its quite quick.

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  • Robyn Kelly (Partner)
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    Usually released October - November each year Ari. 2021 is the current version, 2022 to be released soon (usually). You should receive an email once it's been released. Maybe check in the members area that your email is up to date:

    Also check junk mail to see if it went there last year.

    Regards, Robyn Kelly