Different payment schedules for regular pay and super ?

Hi Guys. Just migrated over from STP phone app to the Payroll app. One of my employees is paid fortnightly but I pay her Super monthly. Am I able to spilt the 2 payments as separate entries? The 10% SG comes up automatically at the fortnightly payment entry.

Thanks CX


  • Joseph Li
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    Fortnightly pay cycle is fine. Single Touch Payroll reports employer super liability. Payment of super is not reported by Single Touch Payroll. Tax withheld is also an employer liability, payment of tax withheld is reported in BAS, not Single Touch Payroll.

  • ChrisXenos
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    Thanks for response Joseph

    So you suggest I continue the ftn Payroll entry for pay, not worry about the super amount that appears and then every month when I pay super do I have to make a separate entry via Payroll app for the paid super amount ?

    The old STP app allowed me separate entries to ATO when pay and super was paid.

    Ta CX

  • Joseph Li
    Joseph Li Member Posts: 499 ✭✭

    Payment of super has nothing to do with Single Touch Payroll. When employer pays PAYG Withheld to ATO there is no Single Touch Payroll entry, same applies to payment of super.

    The old STP App was just warm up. I think with STP Phase 2 everybody will become expert.

  • swakhlu01 .
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    @ChrisXenos As @Joseph Li has explained, the payrun and STP reporting have nothing to do with when you deposit the accrued super contribution into the employee's super fund.

    The important thing as I understand is the Payrun must be reported through STP before any payments are made to the employee. So technically as long as you are entering the correct superannaution contribution into the Payrun entry in Payroll App at time of the fortnightly Payrun, you do not have to have any further Payrun to capture the deposit of the super amount into the employee super fund. This is independent of the STP reporting obligation. However, I think you must deposit the accrued superannuation amount into the super fund within the Quarter that it was accrued in if you are small/ micro employer.

    I am referring to the 10% super guarantee and salary sacrifice super here. If you are paying the employee any additional superannuation then it is still a Reportable employer super contribution and needs to be reported to ATO at some point in the Financial Year before the employee Income statement is finalised. The Reckon Payoll app does not have a field to enter additional employer super contribution at this stage in the Payrun. Though I may be wrong - considering you can adjust the superannuation guarantee rate to above the 10% default rate in the payrun, it is possilbe Payroll app is treating the extra amount above the super guarantee contribution as Reportable employer contribution and reporting it as such in the STP report to ATO. This needs confirmation by Reckon support team. By the way just reminding the old STP app treated all superannuation contributions in payrun as Employer super guarantee contribution when reporting in STP.

  • ChrisXenos
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    Apologies for the confusion.

    To clarify I am only using this app for my STP obligations to the ATO.

    Not for employee payroll.

    The original STP app was so simple to use.