EOFY Total Superannuation

I have submitted the EOFY for 20/21 but there is a mistake. The 'Total Superannuation' which shows $5,700 should actually be broken up as $3,390.40 'Employer Superannuation Contribution' and $2,309.60 'Reportable Employer Super Contribution'. How do I do this?


  • swakhlu01 .
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    There is no easy way to provide RESC in Payroll app unless this is part of a Salary sacrifice super payment. Best to ignore in 2020-21 EOFY reporting considering this has already been submitted. It should not make any difference considering there is no change to the Tax withheld.

    If RESC is not part of Salary sacrifice then for 2021-22 it can be reported using a higher the Super guarantee rate. Any amount above the 10% compulsory super rate is reported through Payroll App (Basic) as RESC in the STP. So adjust the compulsory super rate in Payrun to reflect the total super (compulsory plus additional).