Migration of data drop STP to payroll

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I had some old fiscal year pay runs in the STP PAYROLL and reverted to simple STP now that STP has been retired I need to migrate however when I log into the STP PAYROLL using the same email and password it does bot give me a migrate option to move my data across.

Any ideas?

I have read the FAQ relating to this butt it doesn’t say how to ‘Start a new Financial Year when you have old data, I don’t want to submit any wrong info to the ATO, can I delete the Payroll app and start afresh and import all my data or do I have to re enter all payrolls for this current fin year?


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    Ian - I am somewhat unclear of the situation based on your description. Looks like you used the Payroll App in the past but reverted to the free STP app. I believe you don't get a chance to migrate data second time if you have already used Payroll app in the past.

    In which case you will have to bring the data across manually. The current financial year is 2021-22. The only data required assuming company details previously entered are correct, will be the Employee details and Initial YTD summaries for 2021-22 for each employee. The Payroll app will then report new Payrun STPs for 2021-22 that you create. At end of year when you do the EOFY summary it will pick the new Payruns and the Initial Employee YTD summaries to give the full picture to ATO for 2021-22. Make sure the Payroll app is the current verssion - 2.12.16.

    However, to help with the process use a computer web browser and log into https://payroll.reckon.com/login using your account credentials.

    Check what data is already there in the Payroll App for your account. You can use the computer browser as a view only if you have Basic Plan. It does not let you enter the data for which you have to go back to the mobile app.