Classifications Reporting

Lisa Seierup
Lisa Seierup Member Posts: 7

I see this has been asked a number of times over the years without much response.... but, when will P&L reporting by CLASSIFICATION be available?... I've just made the move over from Reckon Accounts which uses classes, and kind of wished I hadn't now, as even though classifications are available in Reckon One, it seems almost pointless and of no use to me, if I can't generate a P&L with it.

Could you please confirm ASAP when this reporting function will be available... might cancel my Reckon One subscription if it's not coming very soon!


  • John Angelico
    John Angelico Member Posts: 4

    Hi Lisa.

    I suggest that you look at Projects instead of Classifications.

    I'm the treasurer of a not-for-profit theatre company. We were using an old Quicken Home & Business 2008 with Classes for each production we mounted.

    I have just started with Reckon One and went straight to Projects for the equivalent use.


    John Angelico