Reckon One - Accrual basis question

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Running as a trial with Accrual basis, buy product on account seems to be OK in that Stock on Hand shows the transaction as do the other necessary account - T/Crs

Sell some of the product just bought, the transaction shows the Income A/C and T/Drs with the transaction BUT nothing shows in COGS A/C and nothing in Stock On Hand . COGS is set to A/C 5-0000 in CoA. No error reports showing that some error has happened - am I missing something here -

Also seeing inconsistency when running various reports as at today date and on Accrual Basis.

WAY WAY from being convinced that the Record One is worth even $1 if this is the way it works. Spoke with Customer support on Friday and operator did not know what Accrual actually meant and what the very basic accounts should be in play to buy & sell a hard product so could not understand what my question was about. NOT GOOD IMHO.


  • Kris_Williams
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    The item is setup as an inventory item - correct?

  • Richard_10862159
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    Sorry Kris, have answered direct by e,mail did not realise would not get to y