Closely Held Employees Quarterly STP Reporting


Hi Everyone.

As a closely held employee reporting quarterly do I send an STP every time I do a pay run, or just one per quarter?

Also, can I adjust the pay run figure each time to suit available funds?

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  • Roland
    Roland Member Posts: 24

    Thank you, Kris.

    This whole STP thing has done my head in. We have been in business since 1984 and have never needed payroll, as there is only my wife and I.

    I hope the ATO agrees with you 😬

  • Kris_Williams
    Kris_Williams Member Posts: 3,481 Reckon Accounts Hosted Expert Reckon Accounts Hosted Expert

    I know exactly how you feel, apart from what I read I was also told by an accountant for a friend who is also a one man show that quarterly is sufficient. Good luck