estimate or tax invoice - change sku, descrip does not change

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I have an issue.

If you have an item (say sku1) in an estimate or tax invoice and then change the item to sku2, the title of the item does not change - stays as SKU1 title, not the new SKU2 title (price will stay the same as will and not change)

This has been an issue for several years, but decided to ask if anyknow how to fix this.. If I recall correctly I am sure I had got a popup asking me if it was ok NOT to change the description and in haste I said yes ..

Should be noted this only occurs on 1 quickbooks login. Generally the work around has been to delete the item line and add new line and select the sku that I need.

Anyone came across this before and been able to fix this issue?




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    Hi Luke

    It's because you selected " ... not to change ..." but in your Preferences, you can re-enable prompts (accessed under the Edit dropdown menu)

    NB: Unfortunately, it will be either all prompts or none though so just tick the "Do not show this again..." checkbox on the other prompts as they occur!:

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    Hi Shaz

    Thanks for that. Though just looking at your screen shot ""Keep custom item information when changing item in transactions" - the account in question has that set to "ALWAYS". The other quickbook logins are set to "Never"

    I think my issue is actually with "Keep custom item information when changing item in transaction".

    Will try that..and then try bring back all the messages