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Good evening Brains Trust

I hope you all have had a great festive period so far.

I have a client that needs to adjust the super for an employee I have set up the additional super pay item. I have set this up exactly the same as one of my other clients and When I go and create a unscheduled pay run add the employee and try to add the Pay Item Additional Super to the Company Summary section it doesn't come up. (note this is how I do the other clients quarterly top up)

Can someone please tell me what is going on and why I wouldn't be able to add it.





  • Joydeep Singh
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    Hi Teagan,

    Please ensure that you have added the Employer additional item under the Paysetup -> Superannuation accounts section of the employee record. After you have added then please remove the employee from the payrun and add again and click save and use pay items and you will notice the employer addition item being loaded in the pay under the company summary section.


    Joydeep Singh

  • Robyn_10040267
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    Hi everyone

    Can I just take this back one step? I have a shortfall of super to enter due to payroll items not being set up properly. I have fixed up the payroll items now, but I am left with a shortfall of super to record in the books and pay.

    Is the best way to go about this, is to set up a new payroll item to cater for the shortfall and enter in the the shortfall amounts on the next pay run for each employee? It is just the 10% super which was short and I would like it to reflect correctly on the employees' payslips and have the liability recorded in the books etc etc.

    If this is the right way to go, is the sub type "SG (super guarantee)"?

    If there is another way to sort this out, please le me know!

    Thanks :)

  • Kris_Williams
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    Now that you have fixed up the payroll items you can go back into the affected pays (if there aren’t too many), and undo the pay, then change the hours minimally - e.g. add 1, save then go back in and change back and it should update the super amount. I would take a photo of the pay or write down the figures so you can check that only the super changes

  • Robyn_10040267
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    Unfortunately there are too many!