Personal Plus - importing Amex monthly statement transactions

Hi, I use Personal Plus 2016. Until last month I could download my monthly statement transactions available from Amex online and import them as a QIF file to Quicken. Last month, when I attempted to do so, i succeeded in downloading the data, but Quicken would not let me import the data. When downloading the data a note from Amex came up stating "because of a recent change, you may need to update your connection between American Express and Quickbooks or Quicken". By clicking on the words 'update your connection' Amex linked me to a separate page 'Updates to Quickbooks & Quicken' which carried the following statement: "We recently made system updates to our connection to Intuit's Quickbooks and Quicken software. To resume .QFX and .QBO downloads, please complete a Quickbooks and/or Quicken account deactivation and reactivation process". There then followed links to Reckon instructions titled "Deactivate Online Banking Service for Quicken Acccount

Reactivate a Deactivated Account"

I'm nervous about deactivating and reactivating my Amex account in Reckon for fear of losing all the transaction data and because I'm not confident it will then enable me to carry on downloading and importing the Amex monthly transaction data. Calling the Reckon helpdesk was a complete waste of time as the two people I spoke to said they had no authority or wherewithal to answer my queries. Instead they referred me to this site. In doing so, I feel abandoned by Reckon. Can anybody please throw some light on my issue. Thank you.