Supplier balances getting stuck in pay bills

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Hello Team,

Just wondering if anyone has ever encountered open unpaid balances in supplier pay bills window with available credits to offset but when offset the usual way, they do not go away? (The usual way involves: clicking the bill, the click 'set credits' button at the bottom, select the credit to offset, ok. Then just pay the $0 bill to any date really)

We are having this issue for these three open balances below. As you can see from the snapshot, they are quite old from the previous financial years. Any idea how to clear these open balances from this listing?

We use Reckon Accounts Enterprises 2021.

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  • JudyA
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    Hi Dianita,

    If you run a Supplier Unpaid Bills Detail report, are the bills and credits listed with a net amount of zero? If they are, check if there a negative amount entered in the original bills. I tend to get this problem if I enter a negative line instead of raising a separate adjustment note. But it only seems to happen if I also go in and change something in the bill at a later date. If there is a negative line, try adjusting the bill to the full amount and raising a credit for the negative amount. Make sure the credit amount is entered on the same date as the bill. Then open the bill payment, use the credit and save. The net figure should be the same as the what you paid initially. Then check to see if they have been paid using the Supplier unpaid bills report again.

    Hopefully that works for you.

  • Dianita
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    Hello Judy,

    Thank you for your advice, will look into this today. I do recall the one from 2019 was indeed with a negative amount entered as there was a deposit being offset in there. The other two newer ones, not sure, it is quite likely to be the case as well.

    Thanks again and regards,