Is there a current issue with reckon one?

dss Member Posts: 2

Is anyone else having an issue accessing reckon one? Today after logging in and launching my book I have either been directed back to the portal or if my book has opened to the dashboard it has sent me straight back to the portal again whenever I try to launch bank transactions or anything else for that matter (except for the request to update my expiring credit card, of course that worked!!!). I have cleared the cache but no difference. TIA.



  • Ifti
    Ifti Reckon Staff Posts: 258 Reckon Staff

    Hi there,

    There's an issue right now. We're looking into it.

    We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


  • DBaby
    DBaby Member Posts: 1

    I can't Launch reckon One either

  • Ifti
    Ifti Reckon Staff Posts: 258 Reckon Staff

    Please try again now and let us know if you still have any problem accessing Reckon One.

  • dss
    dss Member Posts: 2

    It is working at the moment. Would it not be helpful to have an outage notification through this board when such an instance occurs? I have wasted 30 minutes attempting to access then look online for known issues. Thanks for replying though.