How do I record a bill payed from multiple accounts?

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We have the basics and bank feeds. Normally everything is paid from one account, but on one occasion, which is unlikely to ever repeat, we had a very large bill that we had to pay from multiple accounts. How do we record this in reckon one?

An example of the bill

item A $1500 Qty 25 total $37,500

item B $800 Qty 1 total $800

item C $200 Qty1 total $200

example of payments.

account A $19,250

account B $11,100

account C $8,150


  • Lizwebster
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    presume you have bill entered for total $38,500 and the 3 accounts set up in reckon.Then just pay bill using account a at $19250 leaving bal owing and complete.

    go in bill pay again , changing bank to b account and pay, and so on.