July 2021 payroll

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I submitted the July 2021 payroll under the STP app. Then I tried to submit it again under the new app but it double counted. So I have left the latter in draft form and the YTD salaries and taxes are now correct.

So has the ATO receive the the July figures?



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    @CSLT assuming you are referring to 2021-22 YTD salaries and taxes in the Payroll app, one can check the employee YTD income statement in MyGov to verify the figures. The ATO would have received the July 2021 payrun if the STP tab in the payrun window shows "success" for July. Though it is unclear what you mean by new app "double counted". When you migrated from STP app to Payroll app did the employee initial YTD summaries show the July 2021 payrun amounts?

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    Thanks for your tip. Will check the mygov account. Used to use STP app which expired and I had to migrate to Reckon.