Assigning accounts to specific projects

I have created a project so I can report a P & L, since there seems no way to select individual accounts into a P & L report, as I used to do with the Quicken app.

I need to be able to assign individual accounts / sub accounts to this project, without having to assign every relevant transaction to the project, which is extremely labour-intensive. What is the best way to achieve this?


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    You can use classes and allocate the class to every relevant transaction and then do a Profit & Loss by class

  • WSC_Treasurer
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    By class, I assume you mean classification. There is no way to do a P & L by classification, only by project. Also, classifications cannot be assigned to specific accounts, only individual transactions, which I already do via Projects.

    I have a large number of transactions that I retrospectively want to assign to a project, which is why I wanted to link specific accounts to the project, without having to go back and individually update each existing transaction- a huge undertaking.

    Is there any way I can facilitate this?

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    @WSC_Treasurer Kris is referring to Classes which it sounds like you're already using for your projects.

    As you've identified, unfortunately at this stage, it's not possible to assign accounts, only transactions.

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