Receipting error

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I have receipted a payment, and the amount equals the invoice, so it should show as zero balance and does on some screens but not others.

The debtor shows a zero balance on the customer screen, but when I look at "all open invoices" and "all payment methods" screens it shows a credit of $2.88 not allocated. I've tried deleting the payment and redoing it, but that didn't work.

Any ideas on why this is happening? All other payments for this client have been as they should be, no credit from anywhere that needs to be applied.

I'm stumped :(


  • Debbie_8918947
    Debbie_8918947 Member Posts: 19

    Couple of snips of screens to show what's happened.

  • Tanya Briggs
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    I've had this happen when the tax invoice has negative lines on it with a different tax code to the positive line/s. The solution was to delete the tax invoice, and re-enter a tax invoice with no negative lines and an adjustment note for the negative lines. Match the customer payment to the new tax invoice and adjustment note and the balance should go away.

  • Debbie_8918947
    Debbie_8918947 Member Posts: 19

    I do this all the time though and never had this happen - that's very annoying, but I'll give it a go.

    Thank you.