Accounting for Williamson Super Fund using Quicken Personal Plus2008

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  1. Recently the format of our "Shares" A/C changed to simply a list of number of shares held, cost, current value, etc. Previously we were able to access a list of share transactions entered throughout year with the ability to change, delete,etc and go back to check previous transactions being unlimited. Can the previous method/page be reinstalled?
  2. I have made two errors of accounting in entering recent transactions : (a) an in specie dividend of 180 shares in Woodside Energy Group entered under the ASX code WDS in lieu of Woodside Energy Group & (b) a Westpac dividend of 20 shares under DRP entered incorrectly such that the number of shares & value are greatly overvalued. The number of Westpac shares should be 779.
  3. Your help in reinstating the previous method of entering share transactions in our Fund and the way in which we can correct the errors as explained under 2. (a) and (b) would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Many Thanks.
  5. Kevin Williamson.


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    Referring to above, your help would be appreciated.

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    You should be be able to go to your Share Portfolio double click and and goto Transactions.

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